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Content syndication is a way of getting your online material to reach a broader audience. You can work with industry influencers, digital publishers or other businesses to promote your content by sharing it on their sites. You can also use syndicated content on your own site. In some cases, a third-party site will republish an entire page or article, or, it will just be a...
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PPC can provide your business with instant results and high levels of control. To get the most out of your PPC traffic, your ad and landing page will need to work together perfectly to boost conversions. Have you ever searched on Google, clicked on an ad and clicked straight back to search? This is an example of how a landing page can be the difference...
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LinkedIn is the ideal platform for networking with like-minded professionals. Plus, it provides some powerful advertising tools which make it an effective inbound marketing platform.? Whether you’re already using paid marketing to power your presence online, or you’re completely new to the world of paid social – your business could be benefiting from targeting specific users through LinkedIn. Choosing what type of LinkedIn ad is...
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Most of your digital marketing goals will boil down to how many conversions or sales you’ve driven. When optimising a campaign, there are ways you can encourage people to buy your product or service sooner. In other words, you can shorten the sales cycle. What is a sales cycle? A sales cycle is the period between when somebody first interacts with your site and when...
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Consistency plays a key role in any high-performing content marketing campaign. If you haven’t noticed an increase in engagement or search engine performance for some time – we recommend doing a content gap analysis to work out your next best steps. A content gap analysis is a smart way of spotting any missed opportunities in your content and SEO strategy. It’s a way of helping...
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